How To Create an Insanely Profitable Blog Resources Page: Better UX & More $$$

How To Create an Insanely Profitable Blog Resources Page: Better UX & More $$$

Does your blog have a blog resources page? If not, you’re missing out. We’ll show you how to improve your site’s UX (user’s experience) to earn more money from your resources/start here page.

Are you tired of creating great content that goes unnoticed? It’s a harsh reality that even the best content can get lost in the sea of information available online. But fear not! Your secret weapon to showcase your best work is a resources page. Creating a landing page with your favorite products and posts will make it easier for your readers to find your most valuable content. It’s like having a go-to library for your readers to access your best work quickly.

Creating a resources page is crucial for any website, regardless of its niche. This form of content marketing has the potential to become the most visited and highest-converting page on your entire site.

college info geek blog resources page
College Info Geek will help you learn effectively, study less, and become more productive (even if you’re not in college).

What a Resource Page Can Do For You

Resurface old content: If you’ve had a website for a long time, you may have hundreds of posts. Over time, some posts can get buried and become challenging to find. A well-designed resources page can help unbury content that might otherwise be lost in your site’s ether.

Boost conversion rates: A resource page can increase affiliate link and email list conversion rates.

Better UX: Visitors visit your site for information, and resource pages provide quick access.

Improve SEO: Most of your website’s traffic may come from Google searches. When users enter specific keywords in the search engine, your page may appear in the results. An excellent strategy to boost traffic is optimizing your resource pages with relevant keywords to drive more traffic to your site.

Sharing is caring: Your website caters to a specific audience, and that audience is interested in certain topics related to your niche. Creating a well-curated blog resources page that contains information your audience is interested in can bring new visitors to your website. Your audience may share the page on their social media platforms and other fan sites related to your niche, which can help increase your website’s traffic.

Authority/E-E-A-T: If you want to establish your website as a credible source of information in your field, you must ensure that your readers can easily find well-organized and top-notch content. The more authoritative your site is, the higher it will rank in the search results. So, start building your authority today by providing high-quality content that your readers will love!

Build a Blog Resources Page That Gets Clicks

Would I give you a step-by-step guide to building a resource page? Au contraire.

I’m lazy; you’re lazy. Well, maybe not lazy, but we want to use tools that do the heavy lifting. So, how do you build a resources page?

Lasso has many ways to help make your site profitable (or increase its profitability). And one of those ways is by creating a great resources page in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Lasso is no-code, so you don’t need to lick off website design experience. Instead, it’s simple to use customizable templates to make designing your own resources page easy.

The Resources page earns over 10% of the income on our first significant site. We learned very early that optimizing our Resources page was a great use of our time. So we did a lot of that, iterating over a few years.

Simply put, our Grid Displays bring in the dough.

Typically, sites like Wirecutter use their grid displays to show products side-by-side. This converts better than comparison tables. It’s actually why Wirecutter does not use comparison tables.

Types of Resources Pages

Okay, you’re convinced you need some resource pages. What types of content should you include?

Affiliate Products and Advertisers

If your site includes affiliate marketing, you should consist of a resources page that lists them (and advertisers for those with a podcast). You may have dozens or hundreds of affiliate links, but don’t overdo it on your resources page. Instead, list the best you like and will be most helpful to your readers.

Your Best Content

Face it: not every single thing on your site is high-quality. Of course, we all strive to make it so, but some things stand out for various reasons. Help readers find your very best stuff quickly and easily.

Your Toolbox

Whatever topic your site covers, some tools go along with it. For example, a toolbox resource page allows you to show your readers what you use (and what they can use).

If you’re a cooking blog, you can list your favorite cookbook, the cookbook you wrote, the knives, and the cookware you use. And, of course, a toolbox is perfect for affiliate links.

Start Here

A Start Here page is a road map for new readers. It can help them not only better navigate your site but the topic as well.

For example, if you have a personal finance page, you don’t want new readers to tackle investing before tackling credit card debt.

Individual Topic Page

If your topic has a wide range of subheadings with several articles on each subhead, a single topic resources page can help readers. A wellness blog, for example, could have individual pages on:

  • Mindfulness
  • Health
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Social Good
  • Parenting
Mind Body Green Resources Page

Not everyone interested in the main topic, wellness, will be interested in all subjects you cover. For example, someone looking for food information might not be interested in parenting.

An individual topic page lets readers find precisely what they’re looking for without navigating your site.

Examples of Blog Resources Pages

Here are a few helpful resource pages for inspiration. These are all powered by Lasso.

Listen Money Matters helps you take control of your money and put it to work. This resources page or Toolbox has all their recommended financial tools.
How To Create an Insanely Profitable Blog Resources Page: Better UX & More $$$
Moneylab does real-time online business experiments and challenges and documents everything for you.

And So Much More…

Creating a killer blog resources page is crucial for bloggers looking to boost their user experience and maximize their profits. By curating valuable resources, optimizing the page for easy navigation, and strategically placing affiliate links, you can provide immense value to your readers while generating significant income. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your blog’s UX and increase revenue. Start crafting your extremely profitable blog resources page today!

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